12 Years Old

Lois is an amazing dancer, and she’s got the trophy to prove it. Her dance team won “World Of Dance” last year! Lois’ favourite dance style is hip hop, but she’s working to perfect her contemporary dance skills next.

What’s the coolest thing that ever happened to Lois? That would probably be dancing on stage with… Justin Bieber! She got to perform live with JB at the 02 Arena in London during his concert in 2016. She can’t wait to hit the stage next as a KIDZ BOP Kid.

Lois is all about animals and says the best gift she ever received was a puppy! This dog-lover has two furry friends at home, and they’re named Elsa and Coco. Her favourite animal, however, is a panda! Too cute!

Want to spend a day with Lois? When she’s not performing as a KIDZ BOP Kid, Lois loves hanging with friends, eating her favourite foods (lasange and rocky road pudding – YUM!) and recording Musical.ly’s.

KEEP DREAMING! (Seriously)
Becoming a KIDZ BOP Kid has been a dream come true for Lois, but she still has a few goals left to accomplish. What’s next on her bucket list? Taking a trip to Hawaii and making it to the book of Guinness World Records!

FAVORITE SINGERS: Ariana Grande & Beyoncé

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