Age: 16

Pass The (Roscope) Mic

Ashton LOVES school and was even awarded a scholarship! He’s always having fun in class, especially when it’s time for science. In fact, Ashton says his dream is to be able to balance a performing career with one of a zoologist!

Tea With Millie Bobby

Who would be invited to Ashton’s summer tea party? Millie Bobby Brown from the TV show “Stranger Things” and… Ellen DeGeneres!

Smile, It's In Style!

This KIDZ BOP Kid is all about style and wants to be a fashion icon for other kids! Ashton’s favourite wardrobe item is hats. He collects hats from his favourite cities, teams and brands… and has one to match every outfit. He gets his inspiration from Tiny Temper and Pharrell Williams!

Get The Popcorn!

Ashton has three favourite movies, and they’re totally different! His current favourite is “Black Panther” because of the amazing cast and impressive action scenes. He also loves the songs and story in “Dreamgirls,” and enjoys the spookiness of “Beetlejuice!”

Thrill Seeker, Chill Seeker

When he’s on stage, Ashton is full of energy and amazing moves. But on a day off, Ashton is happy to spend the day relaxing with his Mum, drinking a cup of tea with a side of chocolate digestive biscuits. That doesn’t mean he’s not up for a fun adventure though! His craziest adventure yet? Spending a night in a museum!

Favourite Singer

Zara Larsson