Age: 16

Too Funny!

Max’s favourite emoji is 😂 because he’s quite a prankster. This kid loves to crack jokes and have fun, especially when he’s with his brother, Joe. The two of them are total jokesters and aren’t afraid to use a life-size remote controlled cockroach to shock people!

Showman Dreams

Hugh Jackman and his movie “The Greatest Showman” are big sources of inspiration for Max. In the future, he would love to be in a movie musical!

Max All Access

Being a KIDZ BOP Kid has its perks! Max was lucky enough to go backstage and watch Little Mix perform at Fusion Festival.

Bust A Move

Max’s Mum and Dad always tell him to be himself, and to be confident. That advice paid off when Max was attending a New Year’s Eve Gala one year. He broke out into a spontaneous dance in front of hundreds of strangers in attendance!

It's A Jungle Out There!

Cats and dogs are cute, but you won’t find them in Max’s house! He likes pets that are a little less traditional: he has a bearded dragon lizard called Rango and a tortoise called Mr. Mulberry. His favourite animal, however, is a blobfish!

Favorite Singer

Ed Sheeran